PASSPORT TRAVEL has been operating for over 29 years, specialising in travel to the more exotic destinations of the world. W all love talking about travel and helping you to realise your dreams.

The dramatic growth of tourism over the last thirty years has changed the impact that travellers have on the environment they are travelling through. The traveller of the 1920’s would have had less of an impact on the people and the ecology than the mass tourism of the 21st century.

Whether you travel individually or as part of a group it is important that you take care of what you have come to see. We at Passport Travel endorse the well used phrase ‘take only photographs and leave only footprints’ and we encourage our friends and clients to do the same.

Passport Travel encourages you to make a difference to the way you travel. Please make an effort to understand the culture, to learn something of the history and customs of the people you are visiting and to be sensitive to local customs. Watch what local people do, especially in sensitive areas like churches, mosques, temples and near people’s homes and follow topics of interest from local papers, radio and by asking people you meet.

Our clients are active in their pursuit of the ecological and sociological balance between tourism and the environment. To find that balance and to enjoy your holiday please allow our experienced travellers to help you.

'Clicks & Bricks'

Whilst we offer a world wide WEB presence we are also 'flesh and bone'. Combined with our years of operation we certainly have the bricks behind the clicks! Join us on one of our programmes and sample what some of the more exciting parts of the world have to offer.
Beware of online travel scams.

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If the water in a pool is not moving, it becomes stagnant and muddy, but if it stirs and flows, it becomes clear again; the same is true of a person on a journey.'...Muhammed Asad, Le Chemin de la Mecque (Fayard)

Within the office we have in excess of 100 years experience in both actual travel experiences and work within the travel industry. This includes everything from backpacking the Kathmandu to London route in the early 70’s to soaking up the sun at five star resorts in Fiji!   We have been just about everywhere you can think of!

Cruise around this website and our other site, it seems the more you do the healthier you could become:

Video gaming and surfing the web for hours is exhausting, so surely it counts as some sort of workout too, right? One publication from Japan just estimated how many calories it takes to click a mouse button once. ‘Convert Anything To Calories’, published by PHP Science World Shinsho, has narrowed down a mouse click to 1.4 calories. This is based on an index finger at a volume of 10.8 cubic centimetres, with a weight of 11.7 grams, taking 195 micromoles of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphase) to move the index finger muscles per click. Um, okay. With the average daily calorie consumption of an adult male and female estimated at 2,000 kcal and 1,700 kcal, respectively, it’s time to get clicking if you want to make any dent in that amount

Savernake Sheep Station
Passport Travel Staff Weekend

A good proportion of passport Travels staff indulged themselves for a farm stay weekend on an historical Savernake Station.
History, European and Aboriginal. Nature, wildlife wide open spaces, open fires and good food. And NO Mobile Phone Reception!!!!!! You can visit also.