Tour of Suzdal and Vladimir


After collection from your accommodation, the first task is getting out of Moscow! Once this is accomplished, you are on a main highway which provides views of the outer rural areas. There are many ‘dachas’ along this route and a variety of cars, trucks and roadside checks provide a diversion for this part of the journey. On the outskirts of Vladimir you leave this main highway and suddenly everything changes. Less traffic, rolling farmlands and you feel that something special awaits. Soon you notice classic domed structures in the distance which herald your entry into this small but important Russian town.

You can read more about both towns at our extra information pages..

This is a busy day and therefore quite long, but it does accomplish a lot. Having a car and driver means you can do a lot as Suzdal is not on a simple public transport route. It is strongly suggested that you take our package with an overnight stop in Suzdal, but if time is so short and you need a 1 day excursion it can be done.

Times: 0800hrs - 2000hrs. The tour is planned for this time period, but traffic, in and out of Moscow, can make it longer.

Price Per person
1 person Euro505
2 persons Euro270
3 persons Euro217
4 persons Euro185

Includes private car with driver, local guides and entrance fees.

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Enjoy a day at Suzdal Typical Suzdal scene

One of many classic churches Those ancient walls