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We, in particular Brent, has been involved with assisting people drive across Russia, Mongolia, China, the region known collectively as the 'Stans' and Iran. From an inaugural group of Toyota's from the Victorian Toyota 4x4 club in 1993 to more recent travellers he has dealt with cars, 4x4's motorbikes and bicycles. We are mentioned in many books, blogs and websites.

Essentially we act on a consultancy basis as a central coordinating office for the myriad of paperwork required for these journeys. Visas can be problematic and require careful planning and timing.

We are not a shipping agency, but hopefully can refer you to people who most recently used such services. For those looking for a clearing agent in Vladivostok we can suggest:

November 2018

Brent recently escorted one of our adult exploratory tours - overland from Yunnan (China), across Tibet and then on to Kathmandu. This is an area and route that required so many permits. We explored a lot more of Tibet than the usual tourist can get to before hitting Lhasa We then continued from Lhasa to Kathmandu. I investigated the driving of foreign vehicles, motorbikes and bicycles while I was there and confirmed with various partners about getting the driving permits etc. Also investigated permits for driving to Kashgar from Lhasa, thus conencting to the Tourgot Pass and the Stans.

Border Crossings

The 'biggie' Mt Everest to which you can drive!!!

An average days driving in Tibet!

Your average road conditions in Nepal


Brent recorded the above image on the China/Mongolian border on 27/09/14. Nice lineup including the VW Kombie - and without a 'Peace Symbol' tire cover on the front!!

30/09/2014: This records a Russian overlanders motorbike. Parked in central Ulaan Baatar and nothing stolen. In car park right outside main door to 4 star hotel which has permanent door staff. Yes he would have left a big tip! Smart idea!!!

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Hi Brent

Its not been that I've not wished to stay in touch but rather the wifi has been so bloody awful for weeks that I've kept it mainly to essentials (Ros and family etc,)

We've been through weird Turkmenistan and camped at the equally strange Darvaza gas craters enroute across the Karakum Desert. Entered Iran some days ago which feels kinda normal after Turkmen! Thanks for organising guide for Turkmen. All went as planned including visas at border.

Our plans from here are to go to Yazd, Esfahan, Tabriz and from there Armenia. Thanks for assisting Ros with flights.Attached hopefully is a picture of Kang, a stepped village not far from Mashad. we drove there from Mashad a few days ago.

Travel brings strange circumstances. For past two nights we have listened to an excellent didgeridoo performance by our Iranian guesthouse host who just happens to look like Charles Manson!

Now in Yazd & getting kinda fond of camel meat!

Cheers David

Hi from Devon

Just picked up your great photo. Well we have both done it now!
Just to say have just got back safe and sound. Thanks for all your support along the way!
Keep in touch Cheers Tim

Hi Brent
Well blow me down! The system worked perfectly. Printed out forms at hotel took them to little office where we got thumbs up for paperwork waited 10 mins as they changed the date and rewrote visa app in Russian . Then to embassy next door where they stamped passport and all finished 10 minutes later.  Hardest part was finding bank to get 150 US So it all worked! Different story to Almaty.
Many thanks for all that. Cheers tim

Hi Brent
We are now back in Samarkand for a night and move back to Shymkent tomorrow, and then head up through the western desert regions of Kazakhstan, to reach Astrakhan in a week or so from now.  We found the vehicle border crossing from Kaz to Uzbek involved a huge U turn - 120km in total (this is well west of the people crossing on the Tashkent/Shymkent road).  Police everywhere, in both countries.  Pulled over twice today.

Many thanks again, Brent - the advice you provide, is re-assuring.  We proceed (now at Altai and next step, starting tomorrow, is to get to Russian border, about 4 driving days from here.  We will wait in Olgiy for about 5 days for start date of Russian visas, check out the route to the border, and have a look around.  Weather holding so far.  Will keep you informed of progress.  Thanks again, David

Hi Brent.  A very brief update.  We entered Russia between Samara and Uralsk (rather than at Astrakhan, as originally planned).   I was getting tired of bad roads and this way avoided about 500km of more shitty Kazakh roads.  Uneventual border crossing.  We are having a rest day in Volgograd and head off tomorrow towards Rostov and Ukraine.  We will take two days for this and all being well enter Ukraine on 10th, the first day of our visas - will advise how this goes when we get there.  Ros & Hamish, will be getting excited.  We are too!!   Best wishes, david


Youíve convinced us and unless we get information that changes everything we are going back to Vladivostok. I shall be in touch early next year for invites, visaís etc. The idea of snow, mud and cold is truly, very appealing. We will get to see the countryside in a completely different light.
So, I shall be in touch later. Youíll be sitting their calmly one day and all of a sudden you will receive a phone call that is your worst nightmare. Me.
Still, I donít know of anyone else who could have assisted us the way you did when in Mongolia. By the way, Evan and Christine arrived home yesterday. We met them at the airport. So circle complete.  Cheers  Jan

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If you think you would like to ride, or drive across Russia, it is possible with good advance planning and an ability to be very flexible. No two 'rides' will be the same and regulations will change, but we can make the arrangements for you.

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