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Guided tour by walking guide

Client comment

Hi Brent,
We met the guides today and were wonderful, off to Sparrow Hills tomorrow.
Victory day was as your sent photos depicted. Very busy but very atmospheric. Being located at the Metropol, we were able to get into the inner sanctum near Red Square and really enjoyed the experience of walking the closed off thoroughfares. Ate at Cafe Pushkin last night, going to the Bolshoi tomorrow and shopped in GUM today. Certainly ticking off the Moscow list !

Cheers, Luke.

Our walking guide concept is an economical and fun way to explore both these cities. Moscow and St Petersburg are blessed with having a great public transport system, both above and below ground. With the growing traffic problems in the centre of these cities, using public transport can save considerable time. Our guides can cover most major languages and are all post graduates who have completed, or are completing a ‘Guiding Diploma’. They not only give you the historical details about where you are, but are happy to immerse themselves in discussions about everyday Russian life and how they see Russia’s future. 'Walking’ also includes time on the underground, in trolley buses and can make use of the occasional taxi - paid locally as required.

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Guided tour by private car

Use of a car with a driver/guide is an extremely efficient way to accomplish certain sightseeing.
For Moscow this relates more to sights outside the central city area. In St Petersburg the traffic and road system is more conducive to vehicle based sightseeing in the central area. What takes two days with public transport, takes one day by car. In addition, in most cases, more can be seen due to having your own guide and interpreter.  Click here for more information.

VDNK Soviet Era them park

Since 1935 the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition, nowadays known as VDNKh, has occupied a large area in northern Moscow. Originally conceived as a grandiose collection of trade pavilions to show off the achievements of Soviet agriculture, VDNKh survived neglect in the 1990s and is now being restored and put to use as a modern recreation and exhibition centre.

Bolshoi Theatre Night

Few people can remain indifferent to a Bolshoi performance; the joy of contact with fine music, talented singers, ballet, actors, musicians and artists. These days their web based booking site is reliable so once your main plan is in place you can see what is on and book.  However we can access seat reservations at reasonable rates for the Bolshoi plus other theatres. Marie (in our office) is from Moscow and has registrations set up for the 'Other' Russian Language sites where seats are often cheaper. we charge a booking fee, but even with this you will see the value.

There is also a 1 hour 'tourist' sightseeing tour available during daytime. The majority of tours are in Russian, but there are some that are in English (only other language offered at time of writing). These tours cannot be booked in advance and have participant number limits. The only way (at time of writing 12/12/14) is to arrive on the correct day, well before the start and queue! This writer did this in October 2014 (low season!!) and managed to get in - just - several behind missed out.

Despite what you may read about prices on the web and in fact see on the sign outside (hopefully they will change it one day), the actual price is much higher and in October 2014 was 1,500 roubles - expensive in any currency! They have a monopoly, there being only one Bolshoi! The recent renovation is STUNNING.  We can include this on our walking tours and thus improve your chances of access. NOTE: The tour is of the OLD HISTORICAL stage area. Don't be confused with the NEW stage (separate building next to old building) where the performances are much cheaper than the historical stage.

Music In Moscow

One always hears about the great classical music that can be heard in Moscow. But how about Blues!!  Go to the  BBKing Club   Rhythm and Blues Cafe    Roadhouse Blues House

Individual costs for Moscow Sightseeing

These are private tours (for the number that book) only. Your guides are qualified tourist guides in the language you have chosen. If the place visited requires an entry fee this is included.
If you book JUST these sightseeing tours with us and have made no other arrangements with us there is a 'Per File' fee of Eur25

Number Excursion Operating Days Duration
   1 City highlights tour by car no entries Daily 3 105 58 47 42
  2 City tour and Kremlin area Daily 5 195 112 88 76
  3 Kremlin plus entry 1 Cathedral Not on Thursday 2 105 77 65 59
  4 Kremlin plus Armoury Not on Thursday 3 153 105 95 88
  5 Kremlin plus Diamond Fund Not on Thursday 2 183 135 124 117
  6 Red Square plus Lenin's mausoleum - walk Not on Monday & Friday 1.5 53 29 22 18
  7 Moscow Metro walk Daily 1.5 53 29 22 18
  8 Stary Arbat St walk Daily 1 53 29 22 18
  9 Tretyakov Gallery Not on Monday 3 117 71 59 56
10 Pushkin Fine Arts Museum Not on Monday 3 117 71 59 56
11 Borodino Battle Area Not on Friday 2 111 65 53 47
12 Novodeveichy Convent Not Tuesday+ last Mon of mth 2 111 65 53 47
13 Kolomenskoye Museum area Not on Monday 4 117 77 65 59
14 Segiev Posad Not on Monday 7 317 165 124 97
15 Golden Ring Vladimir and Suzdal Daily          
16 Monino Aviation Museum            

Notes: A 'per file' booking fee of Euro 25 will apply if you have no other services booked with us. Per file means Euro25 for 1 person or 6, 1 tour or 5 tours.

Prices are in Euro Per person
Guide services can be in: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish


Other possibilities
Puppet Theatre
Moscow State Circus
Boat trip on the Moskva River
Gorky Street
Arbat Street
Hotel Metropol
Lenin’s last home – Leninskiye Gorki
Lenin’s Tomb
Ulitsa Petrovka
Patriarch’s Ponds
Bely Dom (Moscow’s White House)
Christ the Saviour Cathedral


Moscow Aerial Panorama Tour