Walk into history and see the grandeur of ancient Russia along with its thrust into the modern world.
Use as a stopover en route to Europe or as one of your Sidetrip Flights.

Add on Novgorod!


Two names synonymous with history, pain, power and culture

We offer a wide range of possibilities for either visiting just one, or both of these cities. The following pages will outline our most popular basic programmes. This does not mean this is all we offer, these reflect the best over all package to see the minimums that both places offer.

We can make the packages shorter, or longer. They start any date, from EITHER city.

  • Our accommodation starts at 'homestay' level and moves to five star.
  • We offer a full range of standard sightseeing options, or do it yourself.
  • We offer some 'not so standard' sightseeing options like, 'Fly a MiG!!
  • We have been working with Russia since before 'The Wall Came Down'.
  • We have been there and keep up to date by researching new places.

The Lot = Inclusive sightseeing and transfers

Stopover Option: homestay, and budget hotel   Stopover Options Hotel 3,4 & 5 star
Moscow St Petersburg
The Basics - Budget Package
Private package Moscow St Petersburg package with 'The Lot'
Moscow Novgorod St Petersburg Private package Moscow only 'With The Lot'
  Private package Moscow Novgorod St Petersburg 'With the Lot'
  Private package St Petersburg only 'With The Lot'
  Private package Longer duration St Petersburg option
  Group Tour Moscow and St Petersburg