Start Mildura

                         End Holland

From the Borsch of Vladivostok to the 'Pils' of a Dutch Brown Cafe!

Hello Brent
Indeed, survived the Siberian Taiga, survived the Russian Mafia.
Had indeed a fantastic trip back to the "old country". It took me "twelve days and a bit" from Vladivostok to Latvia, way faster than I expected. Got my bike the 14th late afternoon and left Vladivostok to 'get a start'.
Glushak did a perfect job for me to get the bike from the customs; he was working very effective and knew what he was doing. Next to his abilities he was a very nice guy to work with. By the way I hope he is a very proud dad from his first born little Elizabeth...!!!!
The trip itself was great. The first part till Chita was tough once a while because of rain but with no problems except a blown fuse of the cooling-fan because of clay/mud. Was the only problem...OK problem???!!!....I've got with my bike. The bike was doing great; everyday 15 till 17 hours in the saddle covering till 1200 kee's a day. So on the 26th I was at the border with Latvia. 500 Roubels lighter it was very easy to pass this border.
Seen a lot, enjoyed a lot, met real nice people: the trip was a great experience!!!!
Took it easy to arrive home on saturday the 31st of july. Met five brothers of me on bikes at the Dutch border; was great to see them back and was even greater to arrive home to see my wife and kids both with a lot of family and friends.
Paris-Dakar rider Orioli on a Ducati did the trip Italy-Vladivostok in 22 days both with a team, I did the trip to Holland in 17 days a total of 13293 kee's.
I feel myself privileged to be able to make a GREAT trip like that on a GREAT bike like my trusty Triumph.
Thank you for your help in this Brent.........!
With kind regards,