Home Rus copy.JPG (70893 bytes)Homestays are as centrally located as we can make them and represent the best value in Russia. You receive your own room (some can cater for up to four people although most are suitable for two) which is MUCH cleaner than any other comparative budget accommodation and you are not in a dorm with people you don’t know.

In addition, you receive breakfast and can organise (and pay directly) for lunch and/or dinner, a huge saving when compared with having to buy your meals in restaurants. Being central suburbs there are 'local shops' and markets around the apartment complexes. Here you can stock up on snacks etc on your journey  to the centre and that bottle of Georgian red on the return home, thus saving a lot of money when compared to the costs in the centre of the cities, or near major hotels. Probably the most important aspect of homestay is the fact that you experience everyday contemporary Russian life. Isn’t that one of the main reasons why we all travel?


Breakfast is included and you can organise other meals direct with hosts   Apartments have some uniformity, but then some have different layouts.


One example of a homestay bedroom   One example of a not so typical homestay host. Different house to picture on left, but same layout

Main course

Size and style of homestays vary across the country. They can be more grand and larger in size within the cities of Moscow and St Petersburg.

We can cater for families using some of the larger homestays. In addition, we have a selection of vegetarian hosts. We include breakfast in the costs.
You can negotiate directly with the hosts if you want other meals and pay them directly at your agreed rate. Hint - much cheaper than main restaurants!

Masterchef Homestay style!

A close in St Petersburg suburb. Typical design from the post WW2 Soviet era. Don't forget St Petersburg was devastated during the WW2 siege and the areas surrounding the older centre were heavily destroyed. Some homestays in St Petersburg can be in the older areas

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St Petersburg Homestay

An inner Moscow suburb with Stalin period apartment design.
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