Cape Dezhnev Chukota Russia

Cape Dezhnev is the Eastern most point of the Eurasian Continent. Next stop is Alaska (USA) 89 Km's distant. The cape is named in honour of Capt Dezhnev the first person to sail through here in 1648. Often people think Vitas Bering was the first to sail through, hence the reason for the straits being named Bering Straits. However, Bering is famous for other reasons. Technically Dezhnev was first.

There are other attributes justifying a stop here, not just standing at another significant geographical point! Firstly there are the ruins of a Soviet era "Border Police" base and secondly the archaeological remains of a substantial Eskimo settlement that had been there for perhaps a 1000 years. Stalin forcibly relocated them as he thought they could not be trusted so close to their cold war partners, the U.S.!


Ruins of Eskimo house Village ruin site. Note stone remains upper left and whale bones upper right
Brent videoing the 'toast' at 0930am!! We worked on Moscow time to justify this! Dezhnev memorial. Meagan, an American looking for Alaska!!