Airport Transfers St Petersburg Russia

The VERY new airport is up and running.A very nice airport from this writers recent departure!
Public transport to St. Petersburg’s city centre.

NOTE: Public transport is designed to take you from the airport to the metro station. From there you use the underground to get to your final destination.


For Russian readers the timetable is available here.


You can organise a taxi within the arrival hall of Pulkovo airport. Make sure you book the taxis via the official voucher system official at the “Pulkovo taxi” desks within the terminals.

For you own security it’s recommended to avoid private drivers who offer their services at the exit of the airport.

How long?

The duration of trip from airport to the city centre depends on what time of the day you travel. In rush hours it will take you from 1 hour to an hour and a half (if there are accidents, or road works), from late evening (9 pm) till early morning (7 am) you can get to/from airport in 20-30 minutes by car and 1 hour by bus + metro.

Yes, if your Taxi was a classic Russian Volga car that would be an experience!!

Private Transfers

We can organise private car transfers. These are with known providers. Prices depend upon what time you arrive, what period and how many people (which also means how many bags!). They are slightly more expensive than a taxi (difference lessens with more than 3 persons), but more efficient, known to us and with no haggle hassles!

This armoured car ZIS-115 was produced in 1946-47. Only 32 were made and the main person using these cars was the Soviet Leader Joseph Stalin.