Russian Cross Country (Nordic) Ski Team Australia

Falls Creek Ski Resort in Victoria Australia (4.5 hour drive from Melbourne) is rated as the best cross country skiing area in the Southern Hemisphere. Not only does one have access to the resort's groomed trails, but you only need to 'ski over the hill' to enjoy hundreds of square kilometres of wilderness cross country skiing! The main resort area is not limited to cross country; there being ample downhill and snowboard runs.

This reputation has resonated around the world and Falls Creek now attracts many nationalities from the Northern Hemisphere to ski in what would be their 'off season'. Within these 'foreigners' we see more high level professional skiers making Falls Creek their off season training base. In particular, the lead up to a Winter Olympics brings the best and 2013 had a stellar cast.

With the 'top' competitors, professional or amateur, come also the dedicated 'enthusiasts' who compete for their own satisfaction. 2013 saw a large increase in Russian skiers to Falls Creek, not only their top professionals (vying for their Sochi spot), but the passionate 'private citizens', as they are so classed at Falls Creek.

25 August 2013 saw the international series race the, 'Kangaroo Hoppet', held again at Falls Creek. This race is part of the world 'Loppet' series, but Australia changes the name to Hoppet - Kangaroo, get it??

Brent and Elaine, from Passport Travel were present this year as their son was competing in one of the race series. Naturally support went to their son, but he was not competing in the same race as the international competitors this year due loss of training following illness.  Russia is, of course, our default team whom we support! The Russians fielded a superb team comprising the world's number 1 and 2! There were challengers with Switzerland and Australia snapping at their heels! In the end the Russians took out 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the men's and 1st in the women's.

Falls Creek resort

See why Russians are so good at this sport.


World Number 1 and eventual winner Alexander Legkov World number 2 Ilia Chernousov


Marina Chernousova eventual women's winner. Russian citizen Nikolay Novikov competing in the 'Under 70 years old class'!


Alexander Legkov crosses the finish line Marina Chernousova crosses the finish line


Men's Winners Rostrum Ilia Chernousov (2nd), Alexander Legkov (1st) and Alexey Chernousov (3rd) Woman's Winners Rostrum Lauren Fritz (USA - 2nd)  Marina Chernousova (Russia- 1st) and Chisa Obayashi (Japan - 3rd)


Ekaterina Novikova (under 35s) Alexsandr Shadlov (under 50s)   Dmitrii Petrov (under 45s) Citizen racers Pack of Australian skiers



Interview with Alexander Legkov. Watch video interview with Russian Champion. He is explaining (in Russian) to Russians how good Falls Creek is for skiing. Many people can't comprehend that Australia has snow!

'Husband and Wife 'Team Marina Chernousova (1st in women's) and Alexey Chernousov (3rd in men's)