Wooden House Moscow

1812 resonates in Russian history with the battle of Borrodino being their turning point in the Napoleonic Wars. Another outcome of time of turmoil was great fire in Moscow which destroyed the majority of the cities old wooden houses. Since then add time itself and some other less caring regimes and it is surprising to learn that there are near to 500 wooden houses still surviving.

Wooden house architecture as an aspect of Russia than many visitors wish to see. Ulan Ude, Irkutsk and Perm come to mind as repositories of fine examples.

If you still wish to see more, or are not travelling to the above mentioned places, then you could hunt down a few in Moscow.

A single story mansion house with columns and stuccos all made from wood. Situated at 5/2 Sutinsky Lane.
This wooden house was the home of a famous Russian actor called Mikhail Shepkin. Today it is a museum to his life so you should be able to gain entry. 47 Shepkin Street.
Wooden house and annex in a 'modernist style'. 8/1 Pervy Kazachiy Lane.
This wooden house is in the grounds of the Fili Church of the Intercession. Quite a contrast against the skyscraper part of Moscow! 6 Novozavodskaya Street.
The house of Leo Tolstoy is another example and as it is a museum you should also be able to look inside this one. 21/1 Leo Tolstoy Street.
This house at 5 Malyi Vasilievsky Lane is one of the few remaining examples of post 1812 fire planned city development. They never got back to the former numbers of houses and other material took over the majority of rebuilding.
Known as the Krutitskoye Town Church this historical building was first a monastery then a church residence and now a private church for the Russian patriarch (Orthodox Pope)
A two storied house built in 1912 is situated at 24 Denisovskyi Lane
A substantial 19th century wooden mansion. Now this is a bar, restaurant and music venue so it is possible to see inside and stay a while. 7/4 Goncharnaya Street.
this well preserved house is located within the grounds of the Presnya Historical Museum, a museum dedicated to modern Russian history. 4 Bolshoy Predtechenskiy Lane.