Peredelkinno Literary Village

Peredelkinno is a collection of houses where past and present literary names had, or do live. In Soviet times those that became famous within Russia and beyond could be rewarded with a country Dacha. Often these Dacha Villages were designated to be used by people who had a particular skill. Perelkinno became the Literary Village. Over time the village became an outer suburb of Moscow, but still keeps its green treed nature.

The village is 25 min from Kievsky train station in Moscow. The two main features are the house of Boris Pasternak (he of Dr Zhivargo fame) and the Chukovsky museum. This was the house of Kornei Chukovsky the most famous Russian Children's writer ( like R Dhal or Enid Blyton). They are open almost every day. We can organise a private trip with car and driver, or you can take the train. You may find an English speaking guide when you arrive, you may not.

Only for dedicated literature people - but this is what Russian is known for! Marie, from our office visited in July 2015. Her uncle is a writer and lecturer at Moscow University and lives in this village. Marie herself has a degree in literature - covering both Russian and English literature.

Boris Pasternak House
Interior of the Kornei Chukovsky house museum.
Which is better, with husband at a Moscow military history museum Or at the Literary Village museum - the face says it all!