Exploring Moscow outside the classic sights can be rewarding.
There are some interesting gems tucked away in various areas.

Moscow today is not noted for a lot of Art Nouveau houses. The Nosov Mansion is one that has survived and is open to the public. Art Nouveau buffs should be well pleased.

Situated in an old industrial area (not a pace visited by many tourists) it is only a short walk from the Elektrozavodskaya metro station. In the same are you can also see the  Soviet era, "Palace-on-Yauza" and the pre-revolutionary neo-Gothic Elektrozavod (Electric Factory).

Built in 1903, the Nosov Mansion was designed by the Russian art nouveau architect Lev Kekushev and belonged to an ‘Old Believer’ merchant family, the Nosovs. During the Soviet times it housed several institutions, including a residence hall and a kindergarten. In the early 1990s it was restored.

Today the mansion is an historical and cultural centre for young people that welcomes all who are interested in the history of Russian art nouveau and the Silver Age of Russian culture. The mansion hosts a collection of documents and artefacts connected with the Nosov family and the architect Lev Kekushev.

There are also regular film screenings, literature gatherings, music nights, art exhibitions and workshops.

Exterior Nosov Art Nouveau Mansion

Interior Nosov Art Nouveau Mansion

Moscow's literary mansions, which used to belong to the likes of Leo Tolstoy, Anton Chekhov and Alexander Pushkin, generally resemble a memorial museum to the particular writer. However, Tolstoy's mansion in Khamovniki is quite outstanding from an architectural perspective as well. It is a rare building for Moscow in that it is made of wood and has survived two centuries – think WW2, Soviets etc.

Tolstoy bought the mansion in 1882 and spent Autumn and winter here for more than 20 years. The mansion park, its interiors and the household items of this large family (Tolstoy had 13 children) have been well preserved. The mansion is located about a three minute walk from the Frunzenskaya metro station or about twenty minutes on foot from Gorky Park across the Andreevsky Bridge.

Exterior Tolstoy Moscow Mansion
Interior Tolstoy Moscow Mansion