Lenin's Country Estate of Gorki

We invite you to visit the country estate of Gorki, where in 1924 Lenin died. This estate and museum used to be a place (compulsory?) of pilgrimage for Soviet era people.

The country estate is situated 32 km south of Moscow. Before the revolution of 1917 the elegant yellow-and-white stucco mansion, situated in the forest of blue firs, was owned by Zinaida Morozova, the widow of the famous Russian merchant Savva Morozov. – the wealthy Morozov family textiles dynasty. The mansion was designed by the architect Shekhtel in a neo-gothic style. It was wonderfully decorated inside and supplied with all modern (advanced for the time) facilities like a phone line to Moscow and hot water!

The estate was expropriated in 1918 to become a sanatorium for Party leaders. After the attempt to assassinate Lenin in August 1918 he was moved to Gorki with a bullet lodged in his body. He resided here with his wife Krupskaya, a team of doctors and bodyguards. Lenin ordered that nothing was to be changed in the main house. This is why visitors can continue to enjoy the beautiful furniture, mirrors, chandeliers and other items that show a past age of Russia, one which the new Soviets enjoyed immensely. Lenin stayed at the estate until his death on January 21, 1924. The next day his body was taken to Moscow by train.

Visitors are also taken to the garage to view Lenin’s Rolls Royce, another of the treasured icons of the dreaded capitalists! This vehicle was outfitted with caterpillar tracks and skis for travelling cross country in winter conditions. It was also converted to run on pure alcohol which was easier to obtain than petrol during the Civil War - fuels vehicles and soldiers it would seem!
Soviet Era Memorial Building 'High Tech' Interior Gorky Estate Entrance