Lodge (Chalet) and Homestay Accommodation
Listvyanka Lake Baikal

The old gravel road from Irkutsk to Listvyanka was asphalted in a record time in the 1960’s, when the Soviet government was getting ready for American President Eisenhower’s arrival. In the end the meeting did not take place, but the new road transformed an old village into a tourist Mecca of the Baikal area.

The following pictures will show a range of possible homestay accommodation. From new houses to older properties, wood to stone.  As a mixture of houses are used we cannot say exactly which one you would be staying at.

General profile view showing a new wooden house

Interior bedroom of new wooden house.

Chalet/Lodge Accommodation

Our chalet/lodge accommodation is open all year around. There are thirteen comfortable twin rooms with ensuites. All rooms have a view of lake Baikal. Breakfast is included and other meals can be arranged (paid locally) using local delicacies like Omul fish. There is a spacious dining room and a balcony where you can sit outside with a great view of the lake. The harbour, bus station, cafe, souvenir shops, restaurants and pub are a 10 minutes walk from the lodge.

The lodge is a 3-floor cabin built in the ‘Russian country side style’ in 2004, pine logs. Additional services include laundry and a sauna (banya).

In the town one can rent bicycles, enjoy walks or boat trips, visit the Baikal museum with aquarium or even scuba dive!

Clients Comments:

From Stan and Mardi

We had a homestay in Irkutsk that was in one of the old Buryat buildings. The family we stayed with were Buryat and they were delightful. The mother was a single parent who lived with her mother and her daughter of 13. She was a university instructor who taught English. They were delightful and most accommodating! When we arrived we were told that there was no hot water so we could not take a shower. Now remember, we had not had a decent shower for almost 2 weeks so we were desparate! The reason there was no hot water is that the hot water system in Irkutsk is centralized and all hot water comes from a central heating plant in the city. There are no hot water heaters. As a result, once a year they shut down the system to do maintenance and this was the day.

Helen, our hostess, was wonderful and heated water for us to wash up with. She even insisted in helping Mardi wash her hair! Helen's mother was a delight and she made us some traditional Buryat pancakes for dinner with melted butter and home made jam. Stan showed them all some magic. Helen wanted us to talk to her daughter in English because she was taking English in school and it was good practice. This was a wonderful family and we were fortunate to have met them.

From: Michael
To: Helen Fuge
Subject: Back

Hi Helen,
I am back after the Russian trip. It went well, a bit difficult and lonely at times. Overall I enjoyed it, but I must say the organisation in Russia was very good. I was always picked up on time, the train was always on time and the people were friendly. Not many other tourists on the BAM though, only a couple of Swiss travellers. So thank you for a well organised trip. The best accommodation and meals were in Listvyanka at the chalet. The most beautiful place was a day trip to Baikalskoe near Severobaikalsk.
Kind regards