Visa Registration

Once you have moved along the red tape highway and passed through invitations and the actual issuing of the visa, you then face the next part of the journey - local visa registration!

Our visa invitation paperwork is correct and thus provides you backup when required. Obtaining a Russian invitation over the internet (if you strike a legitimate source) can lead you to unexpected problems. Our paperwork and local partners, ensure things proceed smoothly and you donít waste time.

You must register your visa within seven (7) business days.

The registration law is still confusing. One thing known is that the authorities insist that the registration papers are to be filled out by the actual inviting entity, i.e. a host, be it a homestay, a private apartment or the actual hotel.

Our local partners ensure this is done and assist with the process. This is part of our overall services. The visa must be registered, at your first stop and again in each city if a 'foreigner' stays for seven business days.

An inviting entity or host must fill out the registration form upon arrival for a foreign guest and submit it to the authorities. The print off coupon part of the form remains with the foreigner for the duration of a trip and is supposed to be handed back at the departure point. If the authorities do not receive that tear off coupon, they assume that a 'foreigner' has overstayed a visa and the invitation supplier, host and 'foreigner' may be subject to fines.

Naturally, as with all Russian Red Tape things can change - just after this is published I bet!