Samara Volga River Cuisine

Samara's main claims to fame with regard to cuisine centre around varieties of Volga River fish. Dedicated foodies can order meter-long catfish at local restaurants (considered a local delicacy). If you like fishing yourself you can join a fishing tour and cook your own catch! These During winter ice fishing is possible just 10 meters away from the main city embankment. Some of Samara’s other local specialties are, fresh crayfish with beer, pike perch with creamed spinach or crucian carp cooked in sour cream.

As mentioned elsewhere on our website snacking on dried fish whilst drinking beer is a Russian tradition. A popular edible dried fish can be found  in the small shop connected to the Zhiguli Brewery.

Samara is also home to one of Russia's largest chocolate factories - Rossia. This factory produces many chocolate collections from the Soviet period, many of which are still widely consumed in present day Russia.