Moscow Metro Cafeteria

Street food has been a favourite of many travellers for many years. Whilst you have to be ‘careful’ in many countries with regard to street food Russia is reasonably safe.

Street food has become so fashionable that you have T.V. food series concentrating on this theme!

Moscow goes one step more and offers ‘rail food’. Two metro stations have established cafes. One at Arbatskaya station has been operating for 30 years, originally built to service the Metro workers it has welcomed foreigners who actually find it! You can be sure of simple, tasty and cheap food with a décor reminiscent of a Soviet era café. There are two cafeterias in the Moscow metro: one at metro Arbatskaya and another at metro Voikovskaya (operating since 2000).

The house specialties are belyashs (fried pastry stuffed with meat) and hot dogs, but the menu also includes more sophisticated fare, such as chicken with pineapple.