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From: Max
Sent: Wednesday, 7 September 2016 8:32 AM
To: Helen Fuge
Subject: Big thank you

Hello Helen
It has been a while, and I’m back in Australia .Reflecting on how good my train journey to Europe was. There were many highlights. Meeting local people ,living their culture is probably one of the bigger ones. But nothing would be possible without your perfect planning .I just like to say to you, and all your contacts. A big Thank You. It surely was a trip of a lifetime. Regards Max

RUSSIAN PASSPORT has been operating a wide variety of programmes into Russia since 1989, starting with university language study groups. As Russia opened up we introduced;

Russian train journeys at a real price. We were the first to introduce homestay accommodation.

Others pay more! Same bed, same cabin!

In 1939 Winston Churchill made his famous statement that “Russia is a riddle wrapped inside in a mystery inside an enigma”. Come and find out for yourself

Since then we have organised;

  • white water canoe trips into the wilds of Siberia

  • sent individuals and guided groups across Russia on the magnificent train journeys

  • organised varied special interest groups

  • continued to pioneer new routes.

We were the first to explore the BAM Trans Siberian route - previously closed to foreigners. We explored so much that our colleague, Athol Yates, wrote the definitive guide book for this route - BAM Trans Siberian Route - which has been published by "TrailBlazers" in the UK.

Trailblazers also publish the classic guide for this route, "The Trans Siberian Handbook". Following this success Athol was  commissioned by BRADT Publishing in the UK to write a book for their rail travel series called, "Russia and the Ukraine by Rail". To top it all off our research team was asked by TrailBlazers to update their own ‘Trans Siberian Handbook’! All this experience results in;

  • great trips

  • up to date information

  • reliable partners at all stops means safety for you

  • accountability

You will also note our name is referenced in most of the guidebooks relating to these areas. In fact we have helped many of the guidebook authors travel around Russia.

Christmas_train.jpg (20145 bytes)Russia in winter is like entering a Movie! Those images we have seen in the theatre and on T.V. come alive! Russian Winter Holidays.


Experience the winter festivals.
New Years Eve and Christmas in Russia

We organise winter packages for Moscow, St Petersburg, along with the Golden Ring. You can also board our special winter Trans Siberian, or one of our small group expedition style tours to the winter scenes of the Kamchatka Peninsula or the region of Karelia.

NEW: Winter departure date on PRIVATE Train carriages

The Northern Summer is awakening. As the ice retreats the Russian Far East and the Artic become accessible. Go to where the sun doesn't set!Download a Russian Far East and Artic expedition cruise brochure.