Beijing Opera – Peking Opera

Shall we, shall we not…Many people hesitate about taking in a Beijing Opera performance. Two of us took the plunge and were well rewarded! Our ‘toe in the water’ was the 1 hour ‘highlights’ performance, primarily designed for the ‘foreign visitors’, but still includes a number of locals in the audience. The theatre is spacious and well designed. Our story was one with a military theme, so had more of the physical aspects – kung fu style choreography, mock battles with sticks in a Kendo style. Spectacular costumes and a singing style quite different to ‘western ears’, made this a rewarding experience. Do it again? Yes, but not one of the 7 hour marathons!!

Some sites for those that wish to know more.

Pre-performance dressing on stage Pre-performance dressing on stage
The Generals wife The Generals wife
The challenging General The clown/dunce
Opposing Armies
Opposing Generals

Opposing Generals still at it.