Russian Aircraft Museums & Airshows

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This is a rather neat panoramic aerial view of modern Russian Helicopters!

MAKS Airshow Moscow 2021.
Look here for our package to Moscow St Petersburg and the  Airshow

Chance to fly in a MIG fighter!
Enter for the 'Ride of Your Life'!

Look here for the Russian Airforce Museum at Monino. Information. Tours. Story.
Russian Airforce Museum

Historical Russian Aviation
Russia has been responsible for some very innovative designs in aviation. We intend to highlight some of these such as the - the ones they thought of (such as the Ekranoplan) rather than copied - such as the B29 and Concorde.

Look here to visit Star City Space training centre outside Moscow

Memorial Museum of Space Exploration
Well worth visiting this classic museum in Moscow.

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Vadim Zadorozhny’s Technology Museum
Moscow Russia: this is the newest museum in Moscow and one of world standing.


St Petersburg Sights

Our roving correspondent has filed the following two pictures from St Petersburg. These places will be visited on our Russian programme.

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St Petersburg Museum

Remains of the famous 'Gary Power' U2 spy plane shot down by Russian missiles in the 1960's. This event went on to be a major 'Cold War' incident with classic Soviet show trials

St Petersburg street sign

Original sign from WW2 warning local citizens to watch out for falling German artillery shells!