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Vadim Zadorozhny’s Vehicle Museum
Moscow Russia

This museum is the largest private museum of vintage technical equipment within Russia and one of the largest in Europe overall. The collection is of mechanical 'things' and covers a wide range - military hardware, aviation, motorcycles, and of course the collectors first love retro cars. There are more than 1000 exhibits and they are growing all the time thanks to the work of a full time restoration team in workshops. Vadim Zadorozhny has used connections and his money to amass under one roof a collection of significance, not only from a Russian cultural perspective, but for the world as a whole. Within these walls a car enthusiasts can see not only marques known in the west, but local Russian cars, some of which have severe providence; Stalins car; The parade car of Yuri Gagarin and the list goes on...

You can see early examples of Russian aviation along with a British Lend Lease Hurricane fighter in soviet attire. Then there are the mechanical monsters of conflict; Tanks; Mobile Guns; Rocket launce trucks.

Motorbike enthusiasts will salivate at the range of bikes on show. The majority of cars and motorbikes are in concourse condition. However, there are few still in original condition - as they were found - but all are in working order. During WW2 Russia, as with other Allies, collected German military equipment as they advanced towards Berlin. This museum has the largest collection of German WW2 motorbike sidecar combinations you can imagine. So many variants and all restored to concourse condition!!

The museum is housed in a restored soviet era industrial building on the outskirts of Moscow. Whilst there are directions on the website as to how to get there by public transport, this is a protracted procedure absorbing quite a bit of time. If you are with a Russian speaking companion it will be easier. We recommend going by vehicle. You could use a taxi (will be expensive and make sure you haggle a price), or we can arrange a private car with driver. With a private car and driver timings will be more efficient. Also, it is possible to combine this museum with the Cosmonaut museum within one day with a private car, again increasing sightseeing efficiency. Brent from Passport Travel did this in July of 2013 so we know it works. Museum website. Brent also found an example of one of his classic motorbikes within this collection, a 1940 Indian Scout!

There is a period cafe (see bottom of page) outside, for lunch along with a modern cafe inside. Toilet facilities are modern and clean and the whole complex is well run and spotless!!

Jawa Heaven. Where else can you see such a collection and this image only shows a portion of it. The first time this writer rode a motorbike on his own was using a late 1960's Jawa, so a special connection was evident.


Parade car of Yuri Gagarin Stalins Car


One off motorbike from 1935 when a Russian lady rode, in winter, from Irkutsk to Moscow!!!! A Russian ice speedway racer note spikes for grip!!


Just part of the exterior mechanical military section A portion of the German sidecar collection


The U.S. car corner From the gallery a WW2 Len lease Bren carrier with modifications and the first Russian jet!


A cafe with a difference and a tasty lunch also. Using a WW2 Russian army field kitchen you can sample a typical Soviet Army meal ration. The Russian call this, 'porridge and meat'. I call it a barley and mincemeat combination. Of course the standard black bread and tea is included and the whole meal was very tasty! The cafe building was built as if it was in the field, log cabin style. Even the hand washing area was army field style.