The Museum of Armored Vehicles and related Equipment

Kubinka an area outside Moscow.

The Kubinka Tank Museum is a large museum dedicated to armoured fighting vehicles situated in Kubinka, a small town not far from Moscow. The displays are of tanks (Russian made and captured) from World War I, II and the Cold War. You also have an opportunity to see unique vehicles, such as the Panzer VIII Maus, Troyanov super-heavy tank and a Karl-Gerät, alongside single production prototypes from Russia and Germany.

The museum has a long history. During World War II the USSR received American and British tanks under Lend-Lease. The bulk of foreign tanks (outside the Lend Lease contribution) within the collection were captured during World War II. Others were obtained by exchange with the British Armor Museum, or were given to Russia by Soviet allies and clients from items they captured in Viet-Nam, Korea, Cuban and Middle Eastern conflicts.
There are 129 Russian items including many prototype models of vehicles that were not produced in quantity. The museum was opened September 10-th  1978.

The Museum of Armored Vehicles and Equipment has one of the largest collections of armored vehicles in the world. Vehicles from eleven foreign countries are represented. The 290 items range from 3 to 5 ton light tanks and armored cars, to a super-heavy 180 ton monster. There are 40 self-propelled guns from 57 to 600 caliber, 30 armored cars, 10 reconnaissance and command vehicles, and a variety of technical and engineering support vehicles.

In 2000 the old vehicles were re-painted in the original paint schemes by Russian specialists from the Military Historical Society.

This tour can be organized for any day including week-ends except Mondays and Tuesdays. You must carry your passport with your on this tour.

5 to 6 hours. The return drive to Kubinka museum is 3 to 4 hours depending upon traffic conditions. The duration of the tour on sight is 2 hours. It is possible to stay at the museum longer than 2 hours.

1 person   = Eur 256
2 persons = Eur 150
3 persons = Eur 113
4 persons = Eur 91


Early Interwar Tank Heavy Tank!
T 34 Cold War Era Tank

And the unique; One and Only German Panzer Maus