Visiting Moscow - a museum that is not on the tourist trail and requires advance application for permission to visit. It is a bit hard to get to unless you have a car so we can arrange a driver for you. Yuo have to plan this one in advance as permission paperwork has to be completed.

Yuri Gagarin was the first human in space and to orbit the earth. There is much about Russian space exploration in the museum under the statue to himself that is in the background of this picture. That museum is easy to get to and on the regular visitor trail. this is a remarkable photo of Yuri Gagarin and the French car - Matra Bonnet Djet VS coupe - given to him by France. A man of his standing in Soviet Russia was allowed to keep it!
Here is the link to the museum, out of Moscow central it is on the road to Sergiev Posad. Its gate sentinel looks like a V2 rocket! You are allowed to 'touch' the very capsule used!!