Mongolian Price Chart

Tour Name 1 persons 2 persons 3 persons 4 persons 6 persons
Ancient Capital - Khar Khorin US$816 US$482 US$388 US$338  
Mongolian Stopover and More! US$682 US$475 US$396 US$348  
East Mongolia and native lands of Ghinggis Khan US$1423 US$837 US$735 US$669  
Monasteries and Nomads US$1646 US$978 US$860 US$742  
Gobi and Khangai US$2000 US$1282 US$1129 US$982  
Nadaam Festival stopover US$POA US$POA US$POA US$POA  
Remote Mongolia   US$1732*      
In the Horse Tracks of Ghengis!   US$2996*     US$1920*
Price and booking

As an 'Add On' to one of our Trans Mongolian railway journeys, these tour programmes can be used in place of the standard minimum stopover package as included in the Trans Mongolian package. Please contact us for the adjustment in price (of the overall rail journey package) and confirmation that the train connections work for the month you have chosen.

These can be booked on their own as per the rates shown - correct at time of publishing.

Prices are in US dollars and are converted to Australian dollars on the day you make the final payment. To make a booking please send the completed booking form as well as a non-refundable deposit of $440 per person.

 * - These are more specialist tours and we would need to quote specifically for the time of year and number of people. Prices are INDICATIVE and were correct the last time a request was made for these options.