Lena River Cruise Arctic (Polar) Circle

Lena River Cruise Itinerary

Dates Route Nights/Days
July/August Yakutsk -Tiksi-Yakutsk 13/14
August Yakutsk -Tiksi-Yakutsk 13/14

Day 1. Yakutsk.
Arrival to Yakutsk.  Transfer to the river port. Check in to river cruise boat. Optional Yakutsk city tour. At 19:00pm depart by boat from Yakutsk.  (D)

Day 2. Lenskie Pillars.
Arrival at the National Park  "Lenskie Pillars " – a unique natural phenomenon - abrupt rock columns up to 200 meters in height, stretching along the river for 80 km. There is a good viewing platform and in addition views of the Taiga itself. Departure from Lenskie Pillars. (BLD)

Day 3. Mouth of the Buotama River.
In 2006 the only in Russia nursery of Forest Bison was established here. Bison’s were brought there from Canada to recover the Bison population in Yakutia.(BLD)

Day 4. Sailing
In this area the Lena River enters the Central Yakut lowland region. The valley ranges from 20km to 40km in width and the river itself can be 7km to 15km in width. There are many lakes and marshes in the river plain. The river has many branches (braided) so the actual navigable channel can change. The river depth can reach 16-20 meters. On route there is an outflow of the Aldan river, one of the largest tributary of the Lena river. During the river cruise one can see the Verkhoyansk Mountains. The Lena banks keep disappearing and a vast area of the river valley is occupied by islands and creeks. Deserted, unsettled banks, pass by for many hundreds of kilometres. (BLD)

Day 5. Zhigansk.
Zhigansk is the first settlement beyond the Polar circle. Zhigansk, originally a fortified town, was established in 1632. The name “Zhigansk” comes from the Tungus language and means “an inhabitant of lower lands”. The main occupation of  the local population is hunting, fishing and cattle breeding. Zhigansk is an administrative district centre with a population of over three thousand people. Our ship will anchor in the river due to insufficient water depth and you will be transferred to the riverbank by small boat. There will be performance by local actors and musicians. (BLD)

Day 6. Kusur.
Our next stop is Kusur, a small settlement, North of the Arctic Circle. Men are engaged in reindeer husbandry and hunting and the women make national costumes decorated with fur and beads. The Kusur will impress you by the simplicity of their village life, typical of these extreme northern regions. The rural settlements have a distinctive look derived from a severe climate and strong winds. There is also the tragic history connected with hard life of people who faced forced relocation from the Baltic states and Central Yakutia. (BLD)

Day 7.Tiksi (Neelovo).
If the weather allows there will be an excursion to the settlement of Tiksi - the sea gates of Yakutia. The name of Tiksi is translated from the Yakut language as a “place of meeting a mooring place”. Tiksi appeared on the map in the middle of 1930s. The navigable period here is extremely short – two to five months. During the other none to ten months the Laptev sea is frozen with an ice thickness up to two meters or more. In winter there are polar nights: the sun seems to forget about this area. Darkness arrives for several months. Sometimes one can observe polar lights in the dark sky of the night. In summer there is a period of white nights.  The midnight Yakut sun beams almost 24 hours a day. (BLD)

Day 8. Sailing
The Lena River is one of the greatest rivers of Siberia, one of the largest water arteries in the world. There is hardly a river in the Arctic Eurasia that forms such a big estuary with an area of over 32,000 square km. The Lena river delta is a network consisting of large and small streams, canals and lakes, with more than 1500 islands. Here the Lena River ends its run to the Arctic ocean. Today we will spend our time on board the ship. You will see the so-called “Lensk Pipe”. Steep 400 meters high rocky islands. The width of the watercourse narrows to two km or less. (BLD)

Day 09. Siktyakh.
Small village Siktyakh (about 300 inhabitants) is located on picturesque high bank of the Lena River not far from the mouth of the Siktyakh River. Village was established by Catherine II messengers come there for collection of Yasak (fur tribute exacted from the indigenous peoples of Siberia by Russian authorities). Wooden Orthodox church of that period is preserved in the village.(BLD)

Day 10. The Polar circle.
The Polar circle is an imaginary line on the Earth and a parallel in the northern hemisphere with the latitude of 66°33'38''. During the winter solstice (December 21-22), north of the Polar circle the sun does not rise at all and during the summer solstice (June 21-22) period the sun does not set. The Polar circle is constantly moving. Its geographic location is not stable. In fact it moves approximately two meters a day. Now days a polar circle position can be easily determined any time with the help of modern technology. During the trip our ship will cross the Polar circle in the area of Zhigansk district. (BLD)

Day 11. Sailing
Leaving the endless water environment above the Northern Polar circle we pass the estuaries of the rivers Viluy and Aldan. Again you will marvel at the immense width of the water network. Between Zhigansk district and the Viluy river estuary there is a natural boundary named 40 islands. In fact there are many more so the view is every changing and birdlife diverse. (BLD)

Day 12. The ‘Nature Stop’.
This top is made in a very remote area of the river system. Artic Russia is one of the more beautiful areas within this massive land. This wild region has much greenery, lower populations of people, where you can enjoy walks on the wild riverbanks. (BLD)

Day 13. Sottintsy.
An excursion to the historic architecture open air museum “Druzhba” (“Friendship”), located near the Fort Town of “Lensk,” founded by Russian Cossacks. The Museum offers samples of ancient wooden architecture in the traditional Russian and Yakut styles. Exhibitions of wooden home utensils, national Yakut clothes and items of old Russian Orthodoxy are of great interest. (BLD)

Day 14. Farewell Yakutia.
Arrival in Yakutsk (05:00). After breakfast transfer to airport.

Extensions available and onward travel to other cities.

Ship Technical Details


90,4 m


15 m


1,68 m

Passenger capacity



21,5 км/h



Price per person

Price upon application.



  • accommodation in the chosen cabin category
  • accommodation 1 night at Moscow hotel 4* HB
  • full board (including dinner on day 1 and breakfast on day 14)
  • captain’s welcome Cocktail Reception
  • transfers along the itinerary
  • excursions according tour program
  • entertainments on the board
  • English and German speaking guides

Not included:

  • air flights – cost of a domestic flight approx. EU 380 p.p.
  • alcohol beverages
  • items of personnel nature such as laundry, bar charges, beauty salon, telephone cable charges and medical services
Payment schedule:

Deposit 25%
Balance 90 days before arrival

Cancellation policy:

  • If cancelled more than 69 days before embarkation 15% of cruise price.
  • 69-60 days before embarkation – 25% of cruise price
  • 59-50 days before embarkation – 50% of cruise price
  • 49-31 days before embarkation – 75% of cruise price
  • Less than 31 days before embarkation – 100% of cruise price
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