The Fann Mountains of Uzbekistan and Tadjikistan

Located in the Republic of Tadjikistan, the ‘Fansky Gori’ or Fann Mountains are part of the Pamir-Altai Range. Narrow canyons with clear rushing rivers, high glaciated summits and clusters of lakes set amidst juniper forests make this one of the most attractive mountain regions in Central Asia.

In summer, when the weather is sunny and stable, shepherds come up to the foothills to graze their flocks. Colourful and exceptionally hospitable, it is these Tadjik people who load our baggage on their donkeys enabling us to walk carrying only daypacks. In this way we explore the scenic Alaudin and Kulikalon lake regions; just a few of the many we will encounter. Most dramatic are the Mutnye Lakes. Here, surrounded by glaciers and summits, are Energia, Zamok, and Chimtarga (5489m), the highest peak in the Fann.

The average day involves some 4 to 5 hours walking on steep terrain but mainly on good paths. Most nights are spent camping by rushing streams or very cold, clear, blue lakes, very refreshing in which to swim. There is an option to cross the Kaznok Pass (4040m) which leads us to the beautiful Iskanderkul Lake. No journey to Central Asia would be complete without time to visit the ancient cities of Bukhara and Samarkand whose blue-domed mausoleums, mosques, elegant minarets and oriental bazaars have made them justly world-renowned.

DURATION: 16 days
DAY STAGES: min 4hrs/max 12hrs

Includes: all meals, tents and all related items, local trek leader and European leader, all internal transfers.

Price on application.